"Never take off the mask."
"Never take off the mask."

CineMask is now in two languages!

This more like an announcement than news but I can now officially say that my website works in two languages!

In order to change the language you need nothing more than clicking the flag that will be in the navigation menu in the top right corner. The main idea behind that was I wanted to make my blog more accessible so that I could reach even foreign people who could be interested in what I’m writing and make it easier for them to understand it.

That also means that whoever has the desire to read anything can do so in both languages. Feel free to browse in whichever language you want and don’t hesitate to send me a message whenever you have any questions, ideas or comments. 🙂

Cinemask 2.0 is live!

And so it goes … Greetings again, dear readers! After a long hiatus, I’m finally back (hopefully stronger than ever) with my […]

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