"Never take off the mask."
"Never take off the mask."

Video review: “Thor: Ragnarok” + MCU

I don’t know how many of you know but a couple of months ago my roomate and I tried to develop an idea that has been born a long time ago which was basically creating video reviews, discussions, etc. Well, for various reasons so far our tries have been limited to 1 and it is probably going to stay like that for the next couple of months as we won’t be able to make another one (and therefore improve it, as you will see for yourselves how awkward we look and sound during the video) but for now this one is available.

The only thing is that the video is in Bulgarian but even if you don’t understand it feel free to share your thoughts about it, we would appreciate it.

So to everyone who finds this interesting, enjoy listening to us (if you don’t want to watch us)! 🙂


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